4pcs 45kw Heavy Duty Granulator Crusher For Chair

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Huare
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Payment Terms: T/T
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45kw Heavy Duty Granulator


45kw Heavy Duty Crusher


4pcs Heavy Duty Granulator

HTS series crusher is suitable for crushing and reusing various hollow containers such as plastic buckets, including drinking water buckets, grease buckets, etc. The structure is compact and the operation is convenient. The professional design of dual V cutting makes the energy consumption reach the minimum cutting efficiency higher.



Motor power: 45kw

Rotor blades: 2x3  DR  2x5  pcs

Fixed blades: 4pcs

Drive device: Gear motor

Drive power: 0.75kw

Blower power: 4.0kw

Weight: 3500kg



Dual V-cut technology,small energy consumption,less shear hear,particle size uniformity,cutting efficiency is higher.

Using spherical roller bearings,bearing housing external structure,good heat dissipation.

Special feeding box steering design,can better ensure the circle material conveying and automatic steering,improve the feed efficiency.

Crushing chamber upper baby are cavity design,ensuring the effective grab materials, crushing the large capacity of the hollow products more efficient.

Using electric screw quickly open crushing chamber department,conveniently to maintain the moving blade and fixed blade,also can quickly completed cleaning the curding chamber.

Balanced main shaft to ensure safely smoothly running.

Optional inertia flywheel to improve cutting strength.

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